Image Source: Dekhdekh

Arranged marriage is the only acceptable kind of marriage in most Indian families. Even today, families and communities across India don’t accept the concept of marrying the one you love.

Even if the girl is in love with someone from their own community, she is scrutinized and questioned for making that crucial decision all by herself. Complications get even worse if the girl is in a relationship with someone who is not from her community and religion. She is then considered crazy by some, and corrupt by many others.

Not surprising that many Indian girls refer to their partner as ‘friend’ rather than ‘boyfriend’. This helps them avoid judgmental looks from their family and society.

Such an attitude towards girls who are in love is what puts them under pressure. Precisely why they choose to keep their relationships as a secret from the society. This is why they don’t even tell their closest friends about their relationship. They hide their relationships because they just want to ignore all the mess that comes from openly declaring their relationship.

For most girls, choosing to be in a relationship is a huge step as they know what comes with such a decision. This is because Indian families have not given their daughters the right to choose their partner. It’s considered to be a decision for a family to take. So for the longest time, the daughters try to hide the truth.

When they finally decide to tell people, they know it’s going to be a huge challenge to face.

First, they have to come to terms with their parents, and then the relatives have to be turned away before they make things worse, and finally the most crucial part is to deal with the gossiping neighbors. The complications don’t end there. Being in a relationship and marrying the man that you have chosen is considered so wrong that some people look at you with their disapproving looks for years together.

Many girls just prefer to avoid all the drama that goes with openly revealing their relationship status. They prefer keeping it a secret to avoid any unnecessary fuss. They hide the truth till they finally gather the courage to reveal their love story.

They know that revealing about their relationship is just the beginning of an endless array of questions, judgmental looks and disapproving statements coming their way from parents and relatives. This discourages most girls in India to be open about their relationships.