Millennials are popularly regarded as the new, edgy generation with radical and contradictory thought. They’re also regarded as the generation that can’t keep it together. Ever. Millennials are perhaps the messiest, most confused and the zaniest generation of humans to grace planet Earth.

Why do millennials have such a hard time keeping it together? Why is everything in disarray, from their rooms to their weekend decisions and their relationships? Why is it that even when they spend their time managing and organizing their lives, something has to slip away and fall? As a millennial myself, I often wonder why I’m always scrambling to get from one place to another and make things happen.

I’ve figured out that as a generation we are incredibly distracted by the pace of the world while also being expected to satisfy expectations. We’re connected to everything in our personal lives and the world at large at all times and also expected to know exactly what we want to be achieving in the next 5, 10, 15 years. It’s a responsibility that’s been unknowingly thrust upon us, deceived within the words of our parents, our family friends and well-wishers who hope to live our experiences vicariously.

It’s no surprise that in juggling the need to make a meaningful life that meets the standards set by society and dealing with understanding your own place in the world can make everything go to the dump. Your love life becomes less real and more about finding someone who matches the description in your head. Your career becomes more about achieving monetary success over work satisfaction. Your life becomes about gaining the experience of a 40-year-old at 20. It’s becomes about being old enough to be extremely mature while remaining young enough to be reckless and unbothered.

Millennials need to get their lives back together because they need to sit back, turn off the devices that ping and remind them of a constantly changing world and give their dreams some thinking. Everybody gets by when everything goes to shit but there’s very few that get through. Millennials, you got this.