Image Source: Money Matters 101

The journey to achieving your goals is similar to visiting the supermarket to buy your groceries. You have a general idea of what you need, like milk, bread, eggs, butter, veggies and fruits. But when you enter the supermarket, you’re surrounded by so many things that you forget what you need to buy and end up filling your cart with junk food.

The lack of a checklist distracts you and you end up by buying several packets of Lays and Maggi instead.

Similarly, keeping your goals in mind won’t help you achieve them. You don’t know the exact checklist that can get you there and you decrease the odds of achieving these goals. It’s good to have goals but you need to be more specific about the path to achieving them with ease.

Why writing down your goals increases the odds of achieving them.

When you keep your goals in your mind, you’re not specific or clear about them. You have a vague idea of these goals with no strategy or plan to achieve them. But when you write down your goals, short-term or long-term, you give them a concrete foundation. You then have a better understanding of what you want from life and you start being proactive about it. You’re clear on what’s important to you and what goals you should prioritize in life.

When you write down your goals, you turn those visions in your head into a personal road map that points you to the direction you need to take. This eliminates the distractions, allowing you to focus on achieving those goals quickly and easily. But in doing so, assign deadlines for each goal to make the chase successful.

Deadlines push you and keep you motivated to complete these goals. When you have a deadline, your thoughts become more crystallized and you find it easier to follow the steps to fulfill your goals. You find it easier to take action, manage time better, and take more concise steps. You don’t resort to procrastination because your subconscious mind urges you to reach the finish line.

When you write down your goals, this concrete list allows you see the progress you’ve achieved from the day you started. You make a commitment to yourself and you feel the desire to achieve those goals and dreams you’ve written down. You have a constant reminder that brings you back on the path when you lose sight of your way and it reminds you why you wrote those goals in the first place.

The process of writing down your goals may seem simple and unnecessary. But when you write down your goals, you turn those thoughts in your head into a clear vision. Not only do you experience the joy of celebrating your success, you also get to know yourself better, you learn how to improve your life, and you know how to spot red flags.