APTOPIX India Hindu Festival

There’s a widespread belief that India’s youth is perhaps a little too forward and outspoken. Sure, I don’t have exact statistics on that that statement but we’re all subject to hearsay and keeping sly secrets about potentially controversial topics from our parents. That is enough proof to know that there are things we believe in that our parents don’t and those are the very things we need to continue standing up for.

Now, here’s the thing. It’s easier to hide, we’re all aware of that. It’s easier to keep everything under wraps instead of being honest and out in the open about it. There are obvious repercussions for it and pretty much everybody is aware of it. But how in the world do you stand up for your beliefs if you continue to shroud them in white lies?

It’s not about incurring the wrath of a generation that doesn’t agree with your beliefs. It’s about being real with the people and the world you live in. Disagreement is always a part of change and standing up for yourself is an active indicator of change. You imply to the world that the way it sees and understands you must change— that in standing up for yourself, you set a precedent for how you will be treated and respected.

India’s youth is touted as intelligent and arrogant, useful yet disrespectful. There’s no middle ground or no balance. We’re expected to study till breaking point and then start off on salaries that barely allow us to make minimum wage. And in all of that, we’re expected to be cultured, polite and completely understanding of restrictive cultural norms that continue to hold us back.

Sometimes, it comes to a point where there is no option left. It gets so far that tolerating and living with the things we’ve been ignoring as the world’s misgivings doesn’t work anymore. India’s youth faces a kind of resistance that is unique and specific, forcing them to fight beyond several layers of barriers to reach where they can finally stand for their truth. And while it might feel like a lonely way up, it’s still worth it no matter what.