Millennials. Gen Y. The ‘generation that has it all’. Call them what you will, it is clear that twenty-somethings all over the world, have never been more confused. Thrust into adulthood, from a privileged, secure childhood, twenty-somethings have no idea what they’re doing. Adulting has never been so hard. But, it is imperative that people in their twenties get their lives together and take control of their own destinies. Here’s why.

1. You’ll never be this young again.

Never again will you be this energetic, free of responsibilities, and raring to go. If you don’t get your shit together and start chasing your dreams right now, they may just outrun you. And it’ll be harder to catch up when you’re, say, forty-two, huffing and puffing with every breath!

2. Existing is expensive!

If you’re spending your twenties sprawled on your couch watching Netflix, and surviving on pizza and takeout, realize that you are whiling away precious money. Unless you get a hold on your finances at this age, it’ll be very hard to save up for important buys like a car, a house, or insurance. You might not make much at twenty-something, but it is still important to set some money aside for investment, insurance and emergencies. Do not blow it all on trivial buys.

3. To find the right Mr. and Mrs. Right.

To attract the right kind of potential partners, it is important that you be mature too. If you spend your twenties shirking responsibilities, getting wasting and throwing up every Saturday night, then that’s the kind of people you will attract, both as friends and as dates. If you want your partner to be a mature, sensible grown up, then grow up yourself first!

4. Being responsible is fun.

Growing up doesn’t mean you turn into that grumpy, disapproving neighbor who doesn’t know what fun means. It just means being responsible enough to know how much to drink so you don’t throw up, to remember to pay your bills on time, so that you don’t have to sit in the dark, and to be able to take care of yourself. Things are easier, more convenient, and hence more fun, when you have your shit together. It’s just a better way to live.

Social media may have convinced us that being twenty means being clueless, directionless and Instagram-obsessed, but it’s highly advisable that you stop being in denial about growing up, and wake up to responsibilities. That way the twenties will be more fun, more fulfilling, and you will have achieved far more at a young age than most others.