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Opposites may attract, but when looking for love, we tend to look for people with whom we have something in common. It is mostly like-minded people with the same interests who date each other. Even online dating sites, follow an algorithm of matching interests between people, to spark off relationships. But love can happen anywhere and between people as different as chalk and cheese. Here’s why you experience the adventure of a lifetime when you date someone who is dissimilar to you.

1. You discover new interests.

You could be dating a sci-fi nerd or someone who is an avid stamp collector. Whichever it is, you learn loads about a whole new world that you have never had access to before. Dating someone with different interests from yours, helps broaden your knowledge and horizons and opens up a wealth of new trivia.

2. You develop adaptability.

If you’ve always dated similar people, you fall into a monotonous cycle of always doing things the same way. Sometimes this makes you less receptive and closes off your mind to new experiences and idea. Date someone who is wildly different from you. You will learn to adjust, adapt and be more flexible.

3. The chemistry will be crackling!

There’s a reason opposites attract. Nature causes people of differing biological characteristics to be attracted to each other, in order to ensure maximum diversity and traits in the offspring. Which means that the more different you and your partner are, the greater the chemistry and the better the passion between you two. It’s science!

4. Your kids will have the best of both worlds.

Having dissimilar parents means that your kids will get double insights on everything, and will get to learn a host of different things from their mom and dad. They will also have the benefit of both your traits, talents and your combined intellect. What could be better?

5. There are never any fights over the same things.

If you love pizza and your partner loves ice-cream, you will never have to share that coveted last slice, or worry about who finished it. You don’t want his ice cream and he doesn’t want your pizza. It’s a win-win.

People in relationships do bond over shared interests, but there’s something to be said for having different interests too. That way, you can introduce each other to hitherto unexplored worlds, and maybe discover a new love for something! Just watch out for the many fights over the remote you are doomed to have!