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Women of the millennial generation have changed the idea of womanhood in society. There was a time when people perceived women as weak, directionless and insecure. But today that has changed. The millennial women are confident, independent and ambitious.

Those old stereotypes of women don’t stand true anymore. A millennial woman will not accept the rules of the society. She has forged a new identity for herself. She’s not the subtle and meek type, dwelling behind the walls of her home. Her identity does not depend on her surname, her family, caste or the zodiac sign anymore. Her identity depends only on herself.

Her everyday experience with the world is transforming her. She is bold, strong and independent.

A millennial woman will do what she loves to do. She will not sacrifice her dreams for other people. Talk about freedom and life-purpose and a millennial woman will tell you exactly what she wants to do in her life. Talk about horrors of the world and she knows she ought to be aware, careful, and should prepare for the odds in this unsafe world.

She does not need you to build walls trying to protect her. She wants to experience the world and fight her own battles. She has suffered heartbreaks in relationships and failures at the workplace. She knows that no matter how many times she fails in life, it has nothing to do with her being a woman.

A millennial woman does not give up easily. She’s ambitious about her career and does not accept the belief that a man should define her life. The idea that a woman needs a man is something she’ll never follow. She believes that her life depends only on her choices.

When it comes to marriage, for instance, she does not believe that tying the knot is necessary to lead a happy life. She will take that step only if she’s in love with someone and is ready for a life-long commitment to that person. Same is the case with her career. She’s clear about her work choices and does not allow anything to interfere and manipulate her decisions.

Her relationships are balanced. She gives time to her friends and family and also ensures that she has a separate time for herself. She loves to go out and discover more of the world, and herself in the process.

The millennial women’s role in the society has changed. She no longer accepts the role of a home-maker or a sophisticated girlfriend. That’s not what her life is about. She has her priorities set right and does what makes her happy.

A millennial woman, in essence, is someone the world no longer can ignore, belittle and underestimate.