What is it that comes to mind when you think of a millennial woman? Perhaps, you conjure up the image of a well-dressed, suave lady going out and conquering the world. The millennial woman comes pretty close to a modern day Katy Keene without the ridiculously off body proportions.

When the millennial woman has so much going for her, what is it that she expects from a man? If you do a basic poll asking women what they want from a man, you’ll get answers as simple as this: he’s got to be clean and he’s got to talk. While women do have a tendency to expect less and even settle for it, millennial women will still expect you to be a little more than that because they’re bringing themselves up to a standard.

What millennial women want is compassion and understanding from the perfect man. Intelligence is, contrary to popular belief, not just a thing you’re born with but something you can cultivate too if you really want to and a millennial woman will always appreciate effort. A millennial woman is a hard worker and she’s going after the things she wants. What she wants is a man who will keep pace, who will run with her — and not necessarily fast, but just run with her. She wants a man who is in tune with his heart and his mind in equal capacities. A millennial woman knows what it’s like to get shot down because she’s heard men tell her, far too often, that she’s too aggressive, too forward pushing in her goals.

For the men out there looking for the millennial women, I’ll tell you this. A millennial woman isn’t looking for a bank account filled with gold and cash to drown her. She’s looking for a man who understands the world, understands the significance of being a person and understands that everyone’s fighting their own battle and that kindness is of the absolute necessity. Because she knows she gets it and so should you.