We’re constantly talking about millennials and what they expect and want and how they’re perceived. So what is it that millennial men want from women? How do men of the current generation define the kind of women they want in their lives?

I speak from conversations I’ve had with millennial men who happen to be my dear friends. It’s a funny thing to talk about because the subject almost always turns to the fact that several millennial women out in the world, under the name of feminism, undermine or make them feel responsible for the actions of other men. As a woman, I see where these women come from. In an effort to fight for themselves when there is opportunity to do so, however little it is, women will go out their way to talk about their horrible experiences.

But here’s the deal: millennial men aren’t looking for women who will fight with them. Instead, they’re looking for women with well-reasoned arguments and a sensible approach towards men. Patriarchy has affected generations of Indians, including its men. While it is only natural to fight tooth and nail for your freedoms when you’ve known what its like to not have it, millennial men want women who are willing to hold their hand and explain it to them as opposed to shutting them down.

Millennial men want strong women with opinions that matter while also wanting a woman who can be happy and find joy in the little things. There’s no straight man in the world that wouldn’t be delighted to have a strong, affable and enlightening woman next to him. Millennial men, I’ll cut you some slack because you’re truly stepping up your game. Be patient with your women because you’ll find a millennial woman that’s all you’ve ever dreamed of.