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Being emotionally strong is tough, but the women in India have proved themselves repeatedly in this area.

Having emotional strength is all about being able to deal with the challenges of life without breaking down. It’s not something that can be acquired overnight, but takes practice. It’s the practice of being resilient and adapting well to the challenges life throws at you.

Preparing yourself to be emotionally strong by tackling stress, trauma and tragedy are not child’s play, but women, particularly Indian women, have showed how.

Indian women have learned to be selfless right from their childhood. They’ve been the one to give away their toys to little siblings and, in tougher personal circumstances, stop going to school if parents can’t afford to admit their brothers in a good school.

They’re the ones who are forced to help their mother with household chores from a tender age and take care of the siblings when the mother’s not around. Also, as training for when they’ll have to take care of similar responsibilities.

They’re the ones who leave their family behind and start living a new life with new people overnight. They’re the one to deal with an abusive husband when, on some day, the food is not cooked as well as other times. They’re destined to bear the physical pain of child birth, while the society praises the husband if it’s a boy and abuses the woman if it’s a baby girl.

But in spite of everything, the Indian woman is not discouraged by her situation. She stays strong, fights against all odds, and sends her daughter to school, gives her education and makes her an independent woman. Despite being a working woman, she performs all of her household duties, like cooking and cleaning the house.

As a result of tackling such challenges, she learns to be emotionally strong. Even though she can’t choose her battles, she makes sure she stays strong enough to be able to deal with anything that comes her way.

The source of her emotional strength is her patience and willpower — which never allow her to give up on life.

If you’re someone who’s been wanting to build emotional strength, start being more fearless, more confident, develop trust within, and beef up on your levels of patience so you don’t give up.

In any case, if ever you find the process challenging, look at your mother or sister — you’ll find your way.