Image Source: Mashable

Philips just announced a TV unlike anything you have seen before. Called the AmbiLux, the 65-inch Ultra HD TV uses nine pico projectors positioned at the back to bring the wall behind the television to life.

Though the lights won’t fill up an entire wall, they are designed to create the illusion of extending the image for a more immersive experience.

The Ambilight experience is not just limited to the wall. It extends beyond the television thanks to Philips Hue – meaning the entire room can be bathed in the same light for a 360-degree experience.

With the Amiblight Music Mode, you get a light halo that reacts to the dynamics of music played through the television. This applies to streaming via Spotify, playing through USB or a music channel. Colours can also be chosen individually or one can go for a randomising option in party mode.

The 65-inch screen running at a full 4K resolution is also powered by Android TV, giving you access to the Google Play Store, meaning a wide selection of apps can be easily accessed from the remote’s QWERTY keyboard, swipe pad and the TV’s speech recognition feature.

The AmbiLux will hit the market by October but Philips is yet to announce the exact release date and pricing.


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