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We’ve all heard that success and happiness are hard to achieve. But that’s a wrong idea, as the keys to happiness and success lie in our own hands. Just like to be happy we need to live life in the present moment, we need to keep trying and take risks to achieve success rather than worrying over our failures.

Your fear of taking risks and of the hard work involved to find success is holding you back from achieving it, as well as preventing you from being happy. And you shouldn’t approach happiness with the thought that only success can bring happiness. Success and happiness are what you make them out to be.

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So, to be both happy and satisfied, you need to be compassionate towards yourself and accept that even if you don’t accomplish all the things that others use as a measure of success, you only need to be satisfied within. You should let the negative thoughts clouding your positivity pass you by, without affecting you, and just be kind and sympathetic to yourself. You should learn to be grateful for what you have in life and accept your failures as opportunities to learn and succeed.

So, what would that one psychological change be? Be more compassionate towards yourself. Happiness and success will then find you more easily.