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We’ve come across women who’ve been abused and tortured in a relationship. We’ve read about their stories in newspapers and on the internet. We know they go through a lot of misery just to sustain their relationship. As much as the Indian society boasts about its family values and moral ethics, we cannot deny the sad fact that women suffer in this system.

Domestic violence is something that thousands of women in India are facing. Most women continue to suppress themselves and live in such a relationship, assuming that their decision to leave will create a negative impact on their identity and also on the lives of their children.

A few Indian television shows make us aware of such scenarios where men torture and abuse women, and ruin their lives. Aamir Khan’s show Satyamev Jayate sheds light on this issue. The program depicted lives of women who made the bold choice to leave a toxic relationship after endless suffering.

Violence can only make things worse. Domestic violence can lead to many problems including physical and mental illness.

Since every woman has a choice to leave or to stay, the safest and smartest option is to leave such a space and save yourself.
Be it physical or mental abuse, violence in a relationship can destroy your entire life that lies ahead of you.

Nobody’s life should be wasted in an abusive relationship. And, when there is no solution, the best remedy is to walk out of the relationship. In fact, it is the best thing that you can do to save yourself and even your family.

It can be a difficult decision to leave the person you had once decided to love. But abuse is something you must not tolerate. Marriage is not a place to deal with an insensitive man who is ruining your entire life.

Remember that we live one life and it’s not meant to be wasted in a toxic relationship.

You have the freedom and the right to walk out of any relationship that you find intolerable. The truth is that if you free yourself from an abusive relationship, the world around you will give you many opportunities to grow. You can find many ways to develop and make life more valuable.