The American comic sci-fi film Back To The Future showed us uber-cool Hoverboards for the first time. It almost seemed impossible back then that such a thing could ever exist. Lexus, a luxury vehicle division of Toyota, has now designed a working model and recently launched a video showcasing its amazing features.

A Hoverboard is basically a skateboard without wheels. In the video below, you can see professional skateboarders riding, often tripping over, but essentially learning how the board operates.

The steam fuming out of the Hoverboard is a result of the liquid nitrogen cooling the superconducters at -321 Fahrenheit — the temperature at which they become superconducting, ultimately causing that mesmerizing ‘hovering’ effect.

Developing this amazing board wasn’t easy for the Lexus team. They went back to the drawing board several times because the performance results weren’t satisfactory. This video below shows the story behind this epic creation.

The only problem, though, is that the surface on which the Hoverboard is operating currently is specially manufactured to work with supercooled magnets. Which means it’s not ready to be used on the streets just yet.

In any case, Lexus has done an exceptional job in developing this futuristic model of skateboards that could just take us Back To The Future.

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