Image Source: Kerala Ayurveda

Different people have different views about the key to everlasting happiness, but I believe that the secret key to your happiness lies in your hands. In addition, you can experience your happiness only when you live in the present moment without ruminating about the past or worrying about the future.

To find everlasting happiness, people need to accept the fact that dwelling in the past or worrying about what could go wrong tomorrow, won’t change what’s already happened and what’s about to happen. Life will take its course. So, the most important way to find everlasting happiness is let go of everything that’s holding you back from living your life fully.

Naturally, you should focus on today rather than wasting time and energy thinking about an possible adverse situations. The more you think about a negative situation, the more you attract it in your life anyway. Key is to let go.

Let’s take a look at the different ways you can attain eternal happiness:

1. Release your insecurities.

Your insecurities are one of the main causes of your unhappiness. Feeling insecure about your relationship or career is only a result of self-judgement, leading to dissatisfaction and anxiety. To find everlasting happiness, you should release your insecurities and self-doubt and fly again.

2. Get over your mistakes.

As long as you’re human, you’re bound to make mistakes. Regretting your past mistakes will only lead to sadness and frustration. You should realize that even the most successful people on Earth have made mistakes before finding success. Only when you can get over your mistakes can you find happiness in your life.

3. Move past your fear of failure.

Your fear of failure stops you from succeeding. So you need to move past it instead of trying to shut it out. Accept failure as a part of life and stay ever-ready to embrace it as a life lesson. The day you can overcome your fear of failure, you will not only develop self-confidence but also find lasting happiness.

4. Let go of your grudges.

You may feel that if someone has done you wrong, they deserve to be punished. But then, when you hold a grudge against someone, you’re constantly festering a harmful level of bitterness within, and such bitterness will never let you be happy. So, forgive people for your well-being and happiness, even if not for them.

5. Choose happiness over pride.

Pride is often believed to possess destructive effects — it stops a person from looking at their life objectively, identifying and learning from their errors, and becoming a better person. So, don’t let your pride be your guide to self-destruction. Instead, choose happiness and keep it going all your life.