Image source: googleblog

Google announced the launch of its new Wi-Fi router called OnHub on Tuesday. The router promises to free you from all regular router woes like spotty connections and slow speeds due to bad signal. Launched in partnership with TP-Link, the router is available for immediate pre-order in the US for a price of $199.

The router looks unlike any router you might have seen before. The cylindrical design, Google says, will encourage you to keep it out in the open where routers work best; as compared to keeping routers on the floor or behind your TV to hide unruly cords and blinking lights.

Within the cylinder are 13 antennas, 12 for signal and one for checking the signal congestion in the area. The OnHub is a ‘smart’ router which searches the airwaves during setup and selects the best channel for the fastest connection.

It also has a feature where you can prioritize a device, so that your most important activity — like streaming your favorite movie— gets the fastest speed.

OnHub has no distracting blinking lights and instead, comes with the Google On app that lets you set up and manage your Wi-Fi network. The app, available on Android or iOS, can even reveal your password with a single tap and lets you text or email it to friends.

While OnHub packs in some great features, its current price point, which is more that double that of many other established routers brands in the market, might be a deterrent for the average consumer.

The pre-order on Google’s Store (USA) has already sold out and we will be waiting eagerly to see how it performs once the product begins to start shipping.


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