Camera technology has advanced leaps and bounds, but nothing beats the nostalgia of a good old Polaroid. To bring back the charm of instant photos, Polaroid has unveiled its newest camera named Snap, a pocket-sized camera that clicks 10 megapixel-quality photos on 3” x 2” prints on the go.

Snap has a plastic body and a toy-like design which is part of it’s playful image. According to a statement released by Polaroid:

“The Polaroid Snap delivers the instant simplicity and spontaneity that is synonymous with the brand, with a pocket-sized form factor and affordable price point.”

The camera turns on and off by pushing the viewfinder and users can capture images on a 10-second timer or photobooth mode with three color options: color, sepia, and black and white. Snap uses the company’s ink-free Zink paper technology to print photos instantly and also has a micro SD card slot which stores images; there is no internal storage. It also has a Micro USB port to charge the camera’s built-in battery.

One of the biggest pullers for this camera is going to be the price. The Snap is expected to go on sale by the end of 2015 and will be offered at a relatively affordable price point of $99.


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