Image Source: Here & Now

Recently at a dinner party with my family, my cousins and I decided to document the momentous occasion of my grandmother’s birthday with countless selfies, unnecessary videos, and status updates. Lots of thumb-tapping and scrolling later, we were happy with our results and continued to join the party only to be greeted with groans and sighs. Slaves of technology, the elders called us. An uncle even proceeded to say our future generations will evolve with multiple thumbs to make the process of texting easier.

Why do the older generations bash the use of technology and its mere existence in our world? Why do they continue to associate technology with evil?

If anything, the older generations should adapt to the change and embrace technology with their opposable thumbs.

The first and most condemned thing the older generations loathe is the internet; the one platform that enables millions of people across the world to connect instantly. Without the internet, we wouldn’t know what was happening on the other side of the world and wouldn’t know the ideas being shared. This is an incredible tool of communication, joining families from two parts of the world with a simple click of a button. The advancement of technology has contributed to every aspect of human society, not just the social aspect.

The second thing the older generations loathe is the presence of social media in our lives. Yes, it’s understandable when youth misuse this freedom and upload content that could potentially damage them in the future. But when you view social media from a different perspective, it gives people an opportunity to share their lives with people they’ve lost contact with. It allows people to give their school mates, college friends, and family members an update in the form of pictures and status updates. Social media provides us with a larger and easier platform to inform people about the happenings in our lives, instead of informing them individually.

There’s more to technology than thumb-tapping youths and selfies. The evolution of technology has helped scientists and researches make important discoveries, and more importantly, given them the chance to share these discoveries. Because of technology, we know why Americans hate Donald Trump and how the Syrian refugees are suffering.

Older generations like to think that technology is limiting us, when in reality, it’s opening multiple doors at the same time. Older generations like to think that technology is harming our inter-personal skills and our ability to communicate face-to-face, when in reality, it’s giving us a chance to communicate with a global audience and giving us the exposure we need.

To address you older generations, stop blaming us “kids” because you can’t adapt to technology. Sure, the positives of technology are outnumbered by its negatives, but we don’t let them hold us back. By denying the use of technology, you’re preventing your personal growth. The world we live in now is the mecca for technology. Everything we do or will do has a connection to technology.

The culture of this generation is changing and it’s changing fast. By condemning technology, you’re denying yourself the chance of being part of something great. If you don’t want to be acquainted with technology, that’s fine. But don’t denounce those who are wise enough to integrate themselves into this new culture. Technology isn’t the enemy and shouldn’t be feared; it’s something that should be understood clearly and celebrated.