CDs have almost become obsolete these days. So if you’ve tons of old CDs lying unused at your home, then turn them into useful or decorative items for use at home. Here are some creative DIY ideas to make use of your old, unused CDs:

1. Disco ball

Image Source: Icreative Ideas

To make this disco ball, you’ll need a styrofoam ball, scissors, glue, and CDs. Make a hole through the ball and attach a string to it. Then, cut out small square pieces of the CDs and paste them on to the ball. Get the full tutorial here.

2. Shiny shoes

Revamp your old boots or heels by pasting cut-out pieces from CDs to turn them into shiny new shoes.

3. Mirror frame

Make your mirror shine by making a new frame around it with broken pieces of CD.

4. Shiny blouse collar

Image Source: All Day Chic

Give your blouse collar a new and unique look by pasting broken pieces of CD on the collar. Get the tutorial here.

5. Side table

Image Source: Fab Art Diy

Paste broken pieces of CD on the flat surface of your old side table to make it look like it’s new.

6. Small item organizer

Image Source: Fab DIY

To make this small item organizer, you’ll need circle-shaped cut of fabric, semi-circle shaped cut-out of laced fabric, glue, and tension rod.

7. Wall clock

Image Source: DIY Home Decor Guide

To make this CD wall clock, you’ll need 15 CDs, one clock kit along with clock hands and glue. Glue up all the CDs in the arrangement shown in the picture, and paste the clock kit in the central hole of the central CD.

8. Coasters

To make coaster out of old CDs, you’ll need colorful fabric or craft paper cut in circular shapes, and glue to paste the fabric onto the CD.

9. Necklace

Image Source: Annaevers

Make this DIY necklace using old CDs, foam sheet, glue, locks and a thin chain with two rings. Get the tutorial here.

10. Fancy flower pot

Image Source: Reader’s Digest

Turn your terracotta flower pot into a fancy one by pasting broken pieces of CD onto it. Get the tutorial here.

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