The big news from Microsoft last week has been the launch of Windows 10. However, the thing that has been getting people excited is the Microsoft Hololens, and that it might be available to use very soon.

Developers who have been waiting for a long time to get their hands on the much anticipated augmented reality headset Hololens got some good news last Friday when Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella told BBC in an interview that it will be available “within the next year.”


In the interview, Nadella said that access to first version of the Hololens will be given to “developers and enterprises” before it’s launched for commercial use. This means that the consumer will have to wait a bit longer to buy the Hololens for personal use.

When it was first showcased in January, Nadella had mentioned that the headset could turn your house into a “surreal gaming environment” but as of now Microsoft seems to be focusing more on enterprises.


The augmented reality and virtual reality technology business is expected generate $150 billion in combined annual revenue by 2020 according to Digi-Capital, a research and advising firm. Microsoft has invested heavily in these segments and has big plans to capitalize on the Hololens.

However, it might take a while for this virtual reality headset to reach your local department store as Nadella emphasized that Microsoft is on a five-year journey with the Hololens.

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