The New Year typically begins with us women making a list of goals. Most of them, however, don’t have a positive impact on our lives. It’s time to break the norm of New Year resolutions and start making resolutions that actually matter. We’re done with the first month of this year. This is the time to pay closer attention to things that matter and bring the change we want to see in the world.

Throw out those washed-out resolutions out of the window and make these #GirlBoss resolutions.

1. Say ‘yes’ more.

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Stop saying no to things because they intimidate you. Start saying yes, even if it means going on a date with a guy who’s not the one. Say yes to adventures, to a better year, and a better you.

2. Look for inspiration from badass women.

Instagram models are not the life goals you need. Look up to women who are making a difference in the world and voicing out their opinions — Malala Yousifazi, Arundhati Roy, and Kangana Ranaut, for instance.

3. Get outside your comfort zone.

Start doing things that unnerve you. If you’re secretly interested in biking, join the biking community in your city. Let this year be the year of experimentation, not the year of hiding inside the comfort zone.

4. Build a strong female network or squad.

Surround yourself with friends who encourage you to do better in your life and push you to strive. Be with people who value your independence and support your dreams.

5. Forget the past.

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Get rid of the toxicity in your life because you don’t need it. Say goodbye to the negative people, the f*ckboys, and bad situations. Move past what happened and try to create a better life for yourself. You deserve it.

6. Empower women around you.

Women are no longer defined by traditional feminine norms and are breaking stereotypes across the world. Women are now the voice of our generation. Use this voice to empower the women around you.

7. Celebrate yourself more.

Celebrate yourself — the quirks, the flaws, and the perfections. Don’t let anybody bring down your self-confidence. Stop giving into the standards set by society and be the person you want to be.

8. Enjoy alone time.

Don’t fear your alone time because it makes you seem lonely. Embrace this alone time and do something you like — visiting a museum, traveling to another city, or going to the movies.

9. Spread girl power.

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Many women across the world are still oppressed and don’t have the freedom to do what they want. Volunteer and support organizations that reach out to these women. Use your power to help other women.

10. Focus on yourself, not guys.

Stop wasting your time and energy on someone who doesn’t care. Invest that time in a career you love, in a hobby, or in something that makes you happy. Invest in yourself.