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Most of us wait for the weekend so eagerly due to one primary reason— alcohol. We spend Friday evenings, sometimes even Saturday drowning our worries and stress in a glass of our favorite drink. Alcohol being a depressant, helps slow down our brain and central nervous system functions, thus providing some momentary relief from all worries of the week.

Why do most entrepreneurs drink frequently?

Compared to the regular 9 to 5 workers, entrepreneurs have to deal with a lot more stress. They are the primary functioning unit of their company and have to make some crucial decisions on a daily basis. They are wholly and solely responsible for whatever happens under their office roof, right from the HR functions to making significant investment decisions. Entrepreneurs sure have a lot to deal with. Sounds pretty stressful, doesn’t it?

To deal with all this stress, most entrepreneurs resort to drinking. Most successful business people believe that alcohol helps them think better and function smoother. Research supports their claim. It has been proven that alcohol can boost your productivity.

While some people get relief from their daily worries by meditating, some get it from their daily dose of alcohol.

How drinking helps business?

Do their claims actually make sense? Does alcohol help business? Here’s the answer:

  1. Since most startups have a young employee base, the best opportunity to create inter-team bonds is over a couple of drinks.
  2. As alcohol acts as a depressant, it facilitates creative thinking as people get more creative when they’re stress-free.
  3. Stress-free employees are more likely to crack the big idea sooner than usual, saving a lot of time.
  4. Meeting your clients over a few cocktails is a more relaxed way of doing business.
  5. It helps create a friendly office environment for new joiners and old employees. A friendly office is a productive office.
  6. It gives a boost to your people skills. You finally get the confidence to initiate a long-pending discussion with your clients or colleagues.

According to Micheal Noble, founder at Apurve:

“A giant bell dings in our co-working space at 4:30 and everyone stops working to indulge in our weekly ritual of Beer n’ Chat. Not a week goes by that I don’t meet a prospect or a helpful developer, designer or marketer over a nice hoppy pint!”

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Drinking too much could harm your business.

Although alcohol seems to be a good option to create team bonds and better client presentations, drinking without moderation could do more harm to your business than good. Apart from the ill-effects on your health, it could also spoil your chances of getting your next big project. Here’s how:

  1. With an increase in the quantity of alcohol, the number of sick leaves taken by your employees to nurse their hangovers also increases.
  2. Even if they come to work, most of them will be too lazy to work, which will reduce their efficiency to work.
  3. You could end up making a lot of wrong decisions under the influence of alcohol.
  4. Too much alcohol could spoil your client meetings as you could lose the judgment about what to say and what not to.
  5. It could promote an overall laid-back and casual attitude among your employees, affecting their productivity.
  6. It could spoil your company’s image in the market, shooing potential employees and clients away.

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Alcohol can be your best friend only if you keep the drinking quantity under check. Once it goes out of control, it can prove to be the biggest enemy of your business.