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As the distance between you and your bestie grows, you sense a change. A change that doesn’t feel good because there’s a lot more to your bond than merely claiming to be BFFs in public. You are so used to sharing every small detail of your life with them that even the thought of moving away makes you shiver.

Thanks to the ever-growing social media platforms, you don’t need to worry anymore about staying in touch with your besties, all the time (literally).

Here are ways to use different social media platforms to stay connected:

1. WhatsApp

You can use its group chat feature, to communicate with all your gang members and keep them constantly updated about the plan for a friend’s birthday, bachelorette or anniversary. It also gives you the ease of sending voice notes whenever you’re too lazy or too drunk to type. There are some people who hate being in WhatsApp groups because of the constant annoying notifications that suck their phone’s battery. If you belong to that lot, don’t worry, there’s a feature for you as well. You can mute WhatsApp groups for 8 hours, 1 week or even a year.

2. Facebook

You can stay updated on the latest events in each other’s lives through Facebook’s milestones. It also gives you a quick reminder of your friend’s birthday, in case it slips your mind. With its ‘On this day’ feature, you get to relive and share some unforgettable moments of your life with your friends. Well, not just that; Facebook can also come in handy to ‘stalk’ your exes and latest crushes (only if their security settings allow).

3. Skype/FaceTime

Sometimes, all you need in life is a glance of your bestie who recently moved away from you. Nothing can beat the priceless feeling of seeing them in front of your eyes, even if it’s through a screen. So, pick up your phone and make that video call (keeping the time difference in mind). In case you can’t remember your Skype password, try using FaceTime or Facebook video chat.

4. Snapchat

We all love to annoy our besties. But as they move away, it becomes impossible to do so. That’s when Snapchat comes in handy. Why send normal selfies when you can use filters to turn yourself into a zombie, a rainbow puking unicorn and much more? It also allows you make funny videos that will surely irritate your best friend. Snapchat is the perfect platform for those of us who are super-animated and think that plain selfies are too mainstream.

5. Instagram

If you click more than five photos a day, there are high chances of you being an ‘Insta buff’. To make your bestie feel special, all you’ve to do is what you do best— click. If something reminds you of them, click a picture and send it across. Upload an old picture that lights up a beautiful memory together or simply tag them on some relevant pictures from the accounts you follow. Using any of these ways you could bring the widest smile on your friend’s face. After all, pictures do speak louder than words.