Mondays have been portrayed as the universal day of gloom and we only have ourselves to blame. If you think you need to fight to get through your Monday’, you probably are doing it all wrong. The truth is, Mondays are no different from any other work day and by making some small and simple changes in your routine, you can make your Monday just as gleeful as any other day. Here are 10 things you can do to kick-start your week.

1. Don’t live for the weekends

Most of us look forward to the weekend because we schedule all the exciting activities that we want to do on Saturday or Sunday. Instead, try to spread these activities through the week. Go for a movie or catch a drink with friends on a weekday.

2. Schedule some time to unwind

Don’t be in a hurry to over-utilize your weekend. Do go out on Friday or Saturday night but also make sure you spend one evening at home unwinding with friends or family. Too much time outside can lead to less sleep, hangovers, and exhaustion.

3. Don’t sleep in

When you have a different sleep time for weekdays and weekends, your body is obviously confused on a Monday morning. You might feel like sleeping till noon on the weekend – but sticking to the same sleep time on the weekend will make sure your Monday starts well.

4. Use Sunday night to plan

Ease into your Monday by planning your morning in advance. Lay out the Monday morning outfit and pack a good lunch the night before so that your morning is stress-free. If you’re feeling extra productive, you can even make a to-do list to make your Monday more organized.

5. Sleep early on Sunday

You might think you can make do with six hours of sleep but your body will definitely disagree. Don’t drag yourself from bed on Monday; instead go to bed on time and get a good 8-hours of shut-eye.

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6. Don’t skip breakfast

Jump-start your day with a hearty breakfast. Hunger makes most people cranky even on a regular day. You don’t want to miss breakfast and dive into work feeling like that on a Monday. Fueling up in the morning will give your the energy you need to start a great week.

7. Get pumped with some tunes

Nothing has more power to lift your spirits than some good music. Make a Monday playlist and add all the songs that make you happy and get you motivated. Turn up the volume as you’re getting ready for work and get pumped up to begin your day.

8. Hit the gym

It’s no secret that exercise amps up your endorphin levels, so try getting in some early morning exercise to start the day off right. If you can’t make the time, try a quick 10-minute circuit workout. The aim is to get your metabolism up and running.

9. Suit up

Well, maybe not an actual suit, but if you’ve bought some new clothes, save them for a Monday to make the day more exciting. Even with your regular wardrobe, try to change things up a bit. Throw on bright tie or a colourful scarf to add some extra zing.

10. Take small breaks throughout the day

Don’t stay glued to your screen all day. Take a walk to get some fresh air, avoid eating lunch at the desk, or just talk to a colleague from a different department and get to know the people you work with better.