As a manager, gauging employee value is a hard but necessary task. It allows you to decide who to let go when times get tough, and who to retain to ensure the company’s growth. Your employees play a crucial role in the success of your business. Valuable employees are reliable, honest and bring more to the table than just their job titles. Here are 8 traits that differentiate valuable employees from the rest.

They’re responsible.

Employees who understand their responsibilities without their managers having to constantly remind them of it are an asset and a rarity. Valuable employees understand their specific job responsibilities and attempt to go above and beyond what’s required. They’re not the ones who are waiting for tasks to be assigned to them, they’re always on it.

They’re proactive.

Being proactive is an innate quality in some employees that helps them lead no matter which level they are at in the organization. They strive to be more productive so that they can do more than what’s expected of them. When it comes to promotions, these are the employees who you’ll notice are truly deserving.

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They’re diligent.

They always strive to complete any given task with excellence. Though they prioritize their tasks, they’ll make sure each task is done to the best of their ability within the stipulated time. Whether it’s a report or a presentation, you’ll never find them turning in a half-baked job. Essentially a great blend of quality and on-time delivery.

They’re positive.

These employees never focus their energies on the negative. They are busy finding solutions while others are complaining about problems. They carry a cheerful demeanor all through the day and don’t engage in office gossip. When you talk to them, you’ll always find them discussing the positive and progressive side of things.

They’re dependable.

For these employees, a commitment is not just words on an e-mail. When they say that they’ll get back to you within a certain time or date, you can be sure that they will respond. Even if there is a change in the situation, these employees will keep you updated and find ways to work within the preset timelines.

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They’re character-driven.

Character is the virtue of knowing right from wrong, and the ability to stay focussed, even in the face of pressure and adversity. Valuable employees understand this and that as employees, they’re representatives of the company at all times. This is where their individual character adds to the overall image of the company.

They’re self-disciplined.

Whether it’s a Monday or a Friday, you will never hear these employees saying that they just don’t ‘feel’ like working. They are the last ones to let procrastination disrupt their work. They work towards keeping distractions from social media and other apps at bay while focusing on their work.

They’re team-players.

While most employees are only concerned about their own work and deadlines, valuable employees are the ones who look at the larger picture and work towards the success of their team. You’ll see them helping other team members whenever they can, not just with work, but also by providing them with moral support and motivation.