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Most of us dread going to work because of that one person who loves to bug us. For these villains of the workplace, the day begins when you walk in. As soon as you reach your work desk, you either get a call to see them or find an enormous pile of files and emails awaiting you.

You can’t change your bosses, but you surely can change the way they look at you or the way you see them with these tips:

1. Work on your patience.

Being patient is the first step towards handling a difficult boss. They are going to find innovative ways of bugging you on a daily basis, no matter what. So, better work on your patience and soon you’ll develop the ability to handle them better.

2. Kill them with confidence.

Your confidence will help you face all difficult situations they put you through. Seeing your confidence, sooner or later they are likely to give in. The only effective way to deal with a micromanager is by being confident around them.

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3. Double check your work.

Make sure your work is error-free. It will help you gain confidence and will give you enough courage to face your boss. When you leave no scope for errors, you’ve nothing to worry about. It keeps you stress-free and helps you function better.

4. Keep a track of all your conversations.

A difficult boss is likely to blame you for things you are not even remotely associated with. Hence, it becomes necessary to keep a record of all your conversations. If he verbally assigns you some work, make sure you send it as a confirmatory email. It’ll help prevent issues later.

5. Be proactive.

While dealing with a micromanager, it’s essential to stay one step ahead of them. If you know they are going to assign you a new project, start researching on it. Their presence around you all the time is annoying enough, don’t let their reminders annoy you more. Be proactive.

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6. Don’t let your work get affected.

No matter how bad your relationship is with your boss, never let it be the reason behind your low output. Always put work first and give it your best shot. You don’t want to give them a reason to fire you and spoil your reputation, and thereby ruin your career.