Spend the night partying at a friend’s place. Go to sleep at dawn. Get 3-4 hours of sleep. Wake up on the tenth ring of the alarm clock. Rush to work. Settle in at a time when everyone’s already getting their work done. Then chase productivity for the rest of the day with a wrinkled forehead.

If you haven’t already figured out, these are the perfect turn of events for living an unproductive work life. If you try to find the one factor that screws it all up, you should know that it’s the time at which you come in to work. Fixing that aspect of your work life can govern your productivity.

The stillness of the morning is powerful

The mornings carry a kind of energy that’s conducive for work. There’s something about working with the sun — making your way through the day’s work as the sun makes its way overhead and beyond. This is the time when you feel sharp as a razor and smart as a weasel, and ready to gobble up the whole day, one mouthful at a time. Would it be wise then, to let this high-energy packed time of the day pass?

You’re in the groove while others are on their way

When you arrive early at work, you find the time to settle in before most people are there. You can then start cruising by the time your colleagues are just arriving. This gives you a great head start over others in getting your day’s work done.

Gives you the time to plan your day

On a more practical level, coming in early gives you the time and space to plan your day. You can use this time to separate the high priority tasks from the low priority ones and decide on what you want to accomplish today. After that’s done, you just need to follow your work map and get to the finish line.

You can complete your work in time, and then some

Coming in early allows you to finish a few extra tasks till the end of play. This helps you stand out as someone who’s doing more than they need to, and shows drive and focus on the professional front.

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