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Let’s cut the bullshit, shall we? The friendzone doesn’t exist and is a creation by guys who want to feel better about themselves when they face rejection from the girl they really like. I gave guys the benefit of doubt for a while, but it’s time to clear the air and school you “nice” guys with facts.

The friendzone is an excuse and a rather weak one. It’s an excuse the guy uses when a girl he likes doesn’t reciprocate those exact feelings. Guys use it as a sense of entitlement to feel better about themselves. It’s a way of defending yourself and making the girl seem cold-hearted. The girl is in the wrong because his niceness didn’t get him the romantic or sexual favours he wanted.

Every time I go online in hopes of bashing someone’s status update, I see memes on the friendzone. I see guys sitting behind their computer complaining how unjust life is and how girls are sl*ts and b*tches because they got rejected by a girl who never had any feelings for them. They complain about the friendzone because the girl chose another guy, despite the affection and love he showed her.

Pretty convenient to blame your insecurities on the girl, isn’t it?

The truth is, girls don’t like douchebags, assholes or nice guys. You know who girls like? They like guys who are honest with them, someone they connect with, and someone who’s funny or intelligent. They don’t like guys solely based on their niceness. There’s more to attraction than you realize.

This might surprise you, but this “friendzone” is also applicable to girls. Girls also face rejection but don’t make memes or write long status updates about this. Girls deal with rejection like normal people; vent out to their friends with a glass of wine or a tub of ice cream, not make it a public affair.

Relationships are meant to happen naturally, not forcefully. It’s okay to pursue someone you like and ask them out again if they turn you down. But if they don’t feel the connection you feel, you can’t force them to have those feelings. If you don’t tell them how you feel and expect them to read your mind, how will they realize how you’re feeling? Be bold and tell her. Don’t hide behind the friendzone.

Life is too short to live with this absurd mindset. If the girl you like doesn’t like you back, don’t belittle her feelings by saying she “friendzoned” you. Take the time and move on.

Stop using the friendzone as an excuse because hiding behind it is stopping you from being with someone who reciprocates those feelings.