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Chords of Change, a new online series, features Bant Singh, a singer and social activist from Punjab’s Mansa district. The first episode of this series is about the heart-wrenching story of this warrior and his voice to break the shackles of social evils.

In 2000, Singh’s minor daughter was raped by upper-caste men. He took them to court, despite threats and bribes, resulting in the conviction of three culprits in 2004. A momentous verdict for the region, this was the first time a Dalit who filed a complaint against upper-caste people had managed to secure a conviction.

Things took a dark turn when Bant Singh was assaulted by a gang of seven men when he was returning home one evening in 2006. These men beat him brutally, breaking both his arms and legs.

He was barely alive when he was found. The severity of the injuries on his lower arms and a leg led to amputations, but he survived. However, this gruesome attack didn’t stop Singh to use his music as a way to demand justice for the way his people are treated.