7 Movies That Will Bring Back Your Teenage Love Life

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Those days were the best because the relationship didn't have responsibilities.
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10 Movies For Entrepreneurs To Make The Most Of Their Weekend

Incredible movies that will awaken and inspire the entrepreneur in you.
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10 Old, Classic Movies That You Can Watch This Weekend

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Revisit the classics that have stood the test of time.
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10 Inspiring Movies Every Leader Must Watch

These movies can be a huge source of inspiration for leaders.
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Oscar Nominations 2016: A Setback On The Road To Racial Equality

By  •  Movies, Life
The Oscar Nominations for the year 2016 proved to be whiter than a snowy Christmas.
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The Incredible True Story of How India Carried Out The Airlift Of Its Citizens From Kuwait During the Persian Gulf War

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Just when Indians in Kuwait thought they were helpless, India swept in with swift action and carried out a remarkable airlift.
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10 Hollywood Films That Got Everyone Cracking Up In 2015

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Some of the funniest laugh-out-loud movies released in 2015
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10 Most Scariest Movies Of 2015

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Think you're too brave? These spooky movies will prove you wrong.
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8 Best Indie Films Released In 2015

Many indie movies have made it big this year.
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8 Indian Documentaries You Cannot Afford To Miss

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In an age where the Indian Cinema is termed as ‘no-brainer', there exists a breed of films working tirelessly to banish the blues and earn a foothold for meaningful cinema in the world.
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10 Reasons Why Your Parents Should Be Your First And Last Love

By  •  Life Love

No partner can love you like your parents do.

12 Life Achievements All Best Friends Go Through

By  •  Life Relationship

True friendship only happens after accomplishing these milestones.

12 Famous People Who Managed To Achieve Success Only After 30

By  •  Life Success

Clearly, age is no barrier for greatness.

6 Kind Of Friends Everyone In India Should Make

By  •  Life

Making friends with people from different walks of life is an enriching experience.