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Director Matthew Brown’s biopic film The Man Who Knew Infinity, which retells the story of Indian mathematical wizard Srinivasa Ramanujan’s life, premiered recently at the Toronto International Film Festival. It will mark the closing of the British Film Institute’s 59th London Film Festival which will run from 7th-18th October.

Starring Dev Patel as Ramanujan and Devika Bhise as his wife, the film made a gala opening on September 17 at Roy Thomson Hall at TIFF, 2015. The untold story of Ramanujan is an adaptation of Robert Kanigel’s biography, The Man Who Knew Infinity: A Life of the Genius Ramanujan.

Written and directed by Matthew Brown, the story moves from Ramanujan’s birthplace Madras to Cambridge University, where his visionary theories attracted the attention of English mathematician G H Hardy, played by Academy Award-winner Jeremy Irons.

The film depicts Ramanujan’s achievements and shows us why his legacy remains so important almost a century after his death.

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According to a report on NDTV Movies, the lead actress of the film Devika found her role as Ramanujan’s wife quite challenging.

“In her time, it would have taken her a lot of courage to send her husband to Cambridge knowing that it would be hard on her. What inspired me was to know how ahead of her time she was. It was challenging to get the complexity of her character across.”

The film produced by Edward R. Pressman, Jim Young, Joe Thomas, Matthew Brown, Sofia Sondervan and Jon Katz was also screened at the opening of the 11th edition of the Zurich Film Festival on September 24.

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