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They’ve got control of almost everything. Ask them for help, and they’ll pick up their smart devices and give you instructions to sort out absolutely anything.

Welcome to the age of the Millennials.

The Millennials are the ones who are running the world now. They are winning great job opportunities, starting new enterprises, and are way more aware of the world than the older generation. Millennials are out there by themselves, making use of every opportunity that comes along their way.

Long gone are the days when people had to slog and move through slowly on a career ladder. Today, millennials are smart, and even with less experience are ready to run companies.

The Millennials are smart because of how they absorb information. The internet has contributed to their intellect and has allowed them to explore things beyond their area, interest, and field.

Introduce the Millennial to a new word or a concept, and in a few minutes they’ll tell you their meanings and everything else you need to know about them. They have all the information they need on the tip of their fingers.

All the new technology, which the millennials are getting to experience, is a great advantage that other generations did not receive. In many ways, technology has helped the Millennials get smarter.

On analyzing how much every millennial knows, they have definitely outwitted people from every other generation.
But they have missed out something along the way – the techniques of being street-smart.

Millennials are always finding out the easiest ways to survive that they no longer try, make mistakes and succeed. They are not capable of coming up with a solution amidst a host of problems, as they require Google for all their needs and instructions, and even for recreation.

A person becomes street-smart when they’re out there in the world; when they’re learning from their mistakes and striving to find the best possible means to survive and become successful. However, not many Millennial go through this process. They’ve all the instructions they need clearly spelled out on their smart devices, so they don’t have to rack their brains anymore. Their lives are so easy and quick that without their gadgets they’d probably lose their way.

Though the Millennials have outsmarted their parents by providing them with more information, what they fail to understand is that the older generation has become what they are today based on crucial life experiences. The Millennials are what they are today because of information overload that’s easily accessible to them through Google.