The suffocating feeling of fear controls everything in your life and makes you panic before every decision you make. It’s something that has crippled many Indian women.

Most Indian women fear everything, starting from the fear of going outside to the fear of opening up and trusting someone. Like Kalki Koechlin said in her recent breathtaking poem, ‘The printing machine’, the things that we face daily teaches us to fear everything. The poem beautifully depicts how each day is traumatic for the Indian woman.

The poem talks about how most disturbing and hurtful incidents that women go through in life — rapes, sexual assaults, harassment, eve-teasing — have become a routine story.

These are things that cause the Indian woman to fear her society. She assumes everybody is trying to hurt her in this world. This fear invades her mind and stops her from doing what she truly wants. It makes her question every man’s intentions and society’s judgments.

Well, the fear that most women inculcate in themselves is a result of disturbing experiences that they’ve faced as children and even as adults. Sometimes, even the ones who’ve no such experience witness the things that are happening around them and get trapped in a cage of fears.

When such fears are born in a society, you become over-vigilant and choose to protect yourself from the world. This fear of the world around you controls your thoughts, emotions and life in general, and makes you insecure as a result.

Gathering the courage to overcome that fear seems impossible. But some women have taken that leap of faith and have broken all barriers to overcome that trembling feeling of fear.

Kalki Koechlin is one among them who has openly talked about her sexual abuse as a child.

Her experiences locked her away in her thoughts for years. She did not have the courage to speak up to her parents about her problems. But she battled her fears and broke away from the suffocating chain of feelings which she carried within herself for years. Today, she fights against child sexual abuse and violence against women through many ways.

Kalki’s talks and videos have inspired many women in India to move out of their zone of fear and fight against the odds. So, it’s time for you to step out of your fears and be courageous too.

Learn from women like Kalki who’ve made an impact on the world by overcoming their fears. Though it’s quite bad out there, the truth is that fear just makes things even worse.

You must understand that the traumatic experience that you’ve been through is not your fault, so don’t blame yourself. Accept the fact that the world is unsafe and it’s your responsibility to be bold and strong.

Through ceaseless courage you can help yourself and many others fight their problems. And make a strong and fearless statement to the world, like Kalki did.