StretchingImage Source: My Clean

How you start your day determines how well it goes. Your productivity and mood depend on your morning schedule. Hence, it’s essential to plan it well.

Here are nine ways to start your day on a high:

1. Rise early.

If you start early, you finish early as well. It’s better to wake up early and finish work faster instead of waking up late and delaying everything. Early rising helps you plan things better and stay more productive throughout the day.

2. Wake up to the smell of coffee/tea.

Waking up to the smell of freshly brewed tea or freshly ground coffee rejuvenates you. It makes you feel refreshed, and you get charged up to take the day head on. Don’t forget to fix yourself a cup of your favorite hot beverage every morning.

3. Stretch a bit.

It’s essential to stretch yourself a bit before getting started with the daily work routine. It improves your posture and pumps you up with extra energy. Since the body remains at rest throughout the night, we are more prone to muscle sprains in the mornings. Stretching out reduces that risk quite significantly.

4. Don’t skip your breakfast.

Breakfast is the most important meal. It charges you up and also reduces your tendency to munch on unhealthy options later in the day. Skipping breakfast can also make weight control more difficult for you. So, it’s better to get your daily dose of essential nutrients every morning without fail.

5. Plan your day.

No great warrior fights battles without planning his moves; same applies to you. Don’t start your day without planning it well. Make a to-do list for the day and follow it meticulously to achieve your targets. Don’t forget to schedule important tasks first because mornings generally are the most productive time of the day.

6. Listen to your latest favorite songs.

Music has the power to charge you up and change your mood. Listen to your favorite set of songs every morning while getting ready for work. It will make you happier and will help fight Monday morning blues and midweek crisis as well.

7. Take a nice shower.

A nice shower relaxes you and makes you feel refreshed. Ten minutes of water therapy can help improve blood circulation, increase immunity and decrease stress. It also relieves your muscles making you feel more comfortable throughout the day.

8. Add happy colors to your wardrobe.

Colors play a significant role in your daily routine. They have the power to affect your mood and productivity. Adding happy and bright colors to your wardrobe can lift your mood and help fight stress.

9. Smell good. It’s good for you.

How people perceive you depends a lot on the way you smell. Be the type of person everyone likes having around. Select some signature fragrances that go well with your personality. Smelling good makes you feel confident throughout the day.