Entrepreneurship can be lonely journey and there will be very few people who’ll know exactly what you’re going through. You can look for advice from other successful entrepreneurs and learn lessons from them but your journey is unique and will never be the same as theirs. There’s no doubt that you have a difficult road ahead and you need all the motivation you can get. Motivation will play an important role in your journey to success because it will probably be the only thing that will keep you going when things get rough. Each entrepreneur has his own motivation mantras that work for him.

Here are 9 simple ways that successful entrepreneurs use to keep their spirits up. See which ones work for you.

1. They set short-term and achieve goals

While setting long-term goals is important, they can sometimes seem too far away considering the current context you are in. To keep yourself motivated, give yourself deadlines to accomplish certain tasks and attach rewards to them. Meeting these deadlines will instill a sense of accomplishment that will keep you going.

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2. They take time in the morning to meditate and review their goals daily

If you talk to any successful business leader, they will tell how important it is to review and reflect every single morning. Meditating for just 10 minutes will help you find your balance and give clarity to your thought. When you know what it is you need to do, reaching your goals is that much easier.

3. They spend time to get organized

Being organized is the key to feeling confident and more in control throughout your day. Whether it is your to-do list or the clothes you’re going to wear to work, make sure you take the time to put things in order. One cannot be organized without having a proper plan in place. This might seem tedious initially but the more organized you are, the less time and energy you waste.

4. They believe in taking action

There will be several roadblocks when you’re trying to do something new or want to disrupt the market. Most people spend too much time discussing and debating strategy, which might get tiring, as these are big decisions. Instead, focus on taking action and making the trial and error cycle as short as possible. Remember, every failure teaches you a new lesson.

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5. They work hard & play hard

Yes, it is true that an entrepreneurs never really have an ‘off-day’. But that does not mean you can’t schedule some time to unwind and relax. It could a game of golf or a short trek in the wilderness. Take time out to do what you enjoy because it will rejuvenate your mind, increase your energy level and give you new ideas.

6. They stay healthy

This is one area where many entrepreneurs fail. A hot dog does not count as lunch and copious amounts of coffee can’t sustain you forever. How can you stay motivated when your body is feeling dehydrated and lethargic? Eating healthy and exercising should be a part of your lifestyle as an entrepreneur. You need an active body and mind if you are to stay driven.

7. They change their daily routine and environment every once in a while

Getting into a routine is great for staying organized and managing your work effectively. But routines also make you feel ‘stuck’ in a sense. Every once in a while, break the routine to do something different. Work out of a cafe or a bookstore once a week. A change of scenery will spark creativity and help get out of the rut.

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8. They are always learning

You stop growing when you stop learning. When setting up a new business, you will be neck deep in operations with hardly any time to spare. You may not have time to join a new language class but do make time to learn about topics pertaining to your business. It could be a business magazine, a video, a podcast or a blog. Make it a point to always learn something new.

9.They focus on positive thoughts before they sleep

Whatever you go to bed listening to gets into your subconscious. Whether it’s a song that motivates you, dialogues from your favorite movie or a lecture by a motivational speaker, listening to positive affirmations while you sleep feeds your brain with subliminal thoughts and ideas of success. You will feel refreshed and recharged in the morning.