Aah, women. They’re sexy, they’re elusive, and no one ever knows what they’re thinking. It can be hard to figure out what pleases a woman in the bedroom, specially if she’s the reclusive, quiet type. Here’s a guide to what women like in the bedroom.

1. They want you to be gentle.

Women’s bodies are different from those of men, and what men think feels good, might not feel good to a woman. Rely on her facial cues to gauge what you should and shouldn’t do.

2. They want foreplay to be long, and not hurried.

Don’t treat foreplay like it’s the means to an end. If you rush foreplay, you won’t end up having a very pleasant experience. Women love foreplay, and it can be great for men too.

3. Follow their subtle cues.

Women will gently try to nudge you towards what they want you to do in bed. Be receptive enough to pick up on these subtle clues, and don’t keep doing what you think is good.

4. The more giving you are, the more you’ll receive.

Nobody likes a selfish guy in bed. Women are conditioned to be giving souls, so if you please your woman in bed, she will return the favor, manifold.

5. Don’t put pressure on them to orgasm.

We like that you want us to come, but if your woman can’t, don’t push it. Let her enjoy sex the way she wants to. The bigger a deal you make out of her not orgasming, the harder it will be for her to.

6. They want you to bring out your kinky side.

Don’t be afraid to unleash your wildest fantasies in bed. Most women love trying out new things, and will be more than receptive to a little kink.

7. Don’t spring surprises on them.

But don’t do anything new without talking it over first. If you are going to try something wildly different from what you usually do, say anal, talk it over first.

8. They want you to use your mouth more.

More kissing, more oral-just about everything a woman wants in bed, can be achieved with just your mouth. Be sure not to overdo it, though.

9. They want you to be innovative.

Any technique, no matter how good, gets monotonous if that’s all you do. Shake it up sometimes, try some different moves. Sex should never get boring.