Image Source: Glamour

Dating a woman who just got out of a relationship isn’t the easiest. It is fraught with anxiety and fears about losing what you haven’t even gained yet. Here are some things you should keep in mind.

1. Take it slow.

Making too many advances, coming on too strong, and taking things fast, is just the right way to turn off a woman, particularly one who just had a break-up.

2. If you’re the jealous type, back out NOW!

If she’s just out of a relationship, she will need to sort things out with her ex. There will be days where she might even miss him and want to go back to him. Don’t let your jealousy get in the way.

3. Don’t pressurize her.

If you rush her to take things forward, make her cut off contact with her ex, or basically put pressure on her to anything she is not okay with, you can say goodbye to the idea of a relationship with her.

4. Don’t expect things to get exclusive too soon.

Someone who just got out of a relationship may not want to be in one so soon, or at all! If she’s dating you, don’t expect her to be dating you exclusively. She might want to keep her options open for now.

5. There’s a chance you’re just a rebound.

There’s a very real chance of that. There’s also a very real chance that she will work things out with her ex and go back to him. But that’s just a chance you have to take, if you’re dating a woman who recently had a break-up.

6. Don’t keep making her compare you and her ex.

If reassurance is what you’re looking for, this is not the place. Comparisons to her ex, odious or not, will always annoy and sadden her, and forcing her to constantly reassure you that you are better, is not a good way to win her affections.

7. She might have trust issues.

You have to show her she can trust you, and despite all your efforts, that might not happen so quickly. She could take a while to open her heart to you, and trust you, but keep at it!

8. You might not be her Mr. Right.

If she’s dating you fresh out of another relationship, in all likelihood, she just considers you a go-between, a guy to date while she’s between boyfriends. That’s not to say it couldn’t turn into something more meaningful if you play your cards right.

9. You don’t have to know all the details of her last relationship.

When and if she wants to tell you, she will. Prying into her previous relationship and asking what went wrong, is not a privilege you have.