Most of us use terms like Monday morning blues and midweek crisis as excuses for not wanting to work. We dread going to work so much that it takes, at least, five consecutive alarms and a meeting reminder to make us get out of the bed. If these symptoms sound familiar to you, then you’re probably suffering from ‘I hate my work’ syndrome.

But this is not the case with Googlers. They love going to work every morning and don’t mind staying in office for long. That doesn’t mean that they’re super-humans or overly motivated people and we are not. What drives them to work every morning and pushes them to give their best every time is Google’s work culture.

Here are things that Google does differently than other employers:

1. It lets Googlers focus on personal projects.

Googlers get to spend 20% of their time on personal projects. This is Google’s way of promoting innovation and creativity within the company. Many of their significant breakthroughs are a result of this policy.

Image Source: Gawker

2. It provides them a gourmet meal, three times a day.

Google believes that its employees shouldn’t go beyond 150 feet looking for food. Hence, it has placed food stations that serve gourmet meals three times a day within a 150 feet radius from different workstations.

3. It is a pet-friendly company.

If you have a well-behaved canine, you can take him to work with you. Pets are one of the best stress-busters and having them around helps Googlers relax in stressful situations. You just need to get your canine vaccinated and be around it.

4. It cares about its employees’ health.

It provides comprehensive health coverage to its employees and their families. Google also has a couple of well-trained physicians and nurses to ensure that its employees don’t have to leave the campus looking for anything.

5. It gives special wedding and maternity perks and breaks.

Apart from sanctioning maternity leaves and wedding breaks to its employees, Google India also offers a baby bonding benefit of around $250 to young mothers, soon after the baby is delivered.

6. It lets Googlers make good money out of successful referrals.

In the case of a successful referral, a Googler can make up to $6000. While Google gets the best-fit candidate for the job, the Googler gets to make money. It, therefore, becomes a win-win situation for both.

7. It lets Googlers work from anywhere within the campus.

Googlers are not required to sit and work from their designated cubicles. Be it the cafeteria, the lawn or the lounge, they can work from anywhere inside the campus. Google focuses on the quality of work and believes that strict rules only push employees away.

Image Source: Mercury News

8. It provides travel insurance to Googlers and their families.

Whether on a business trip or a personal family vacation, Google has all its employees and their families covered. Google knows the importance of family, and hence most of its policies revolve around ensuring the best for them.

9. It has a dedicated person who ensures that Google’s work culture is retained.

It has a person called Chief Cultural Officer to look into its work culture and make the required changes to ensure a no hierarchy and transparent system is maintained at all times. His main job is to ensure that Googlers are happy and satisfied with the company.