Image Source: Thought Catalog

We’ve all been there. That annoying guy who just won’t give up. Or that sweet but persuasive guy, who you don’t want to hurt, but want to turn down nevertheless. You don’t have to worry. You can do it, without seeming mean, provided you say the right things.

1. Tell him you’re busy, every time he tries to strike up a conversation.

Be polite, but firm. Tell him you’re headed somewhere or have something to do.

2. Don’t read his messages till days later.

With Whatsapp showing when exactly messages are delivered and when they are read, it makes it much easier to ignore people. If a guy sees you online, and sees you not reading or replying to his messages, he should get the message.

3. Don’t be available to hang when he asks.

If you hang out with a guy who is into you, all the time, you are giving him the wrong signals. Stop spending so much time with him, if you want to turn him down.

4. Say no when he asks you out, don’t just say you’re busy.

It is so much easier to just say you’re busy, when a guy asks you out. But he’ll just keep trying until you tell him that, despite not being busy, you’re just not interested in hanging out with him.

5. Hint at a ‘jealous boyfriend’.

There are always guys who won’t stop hitting on you, despite knowing you have a boyfriend. Telling them stories about how your boyfriend blew up at the last guy who checked you out, might deter him, if nothing else will.

6. Be honest about your feelings.

When he asks you leading questions about how you feel about him, don’t beat about the bush! Tell him clearly that you and him will never be a thing. Try to soften the blow by laughing it off, but stick to your guns firmly.

7. Hook him up with a friend.

If nothing else works, this will. Telling him all about your single friend who you think will be perfect for him, should ensure he gets the message loud and clear. He might not take you up on your offer to date your friend, but he will most certainly back off.

8. Put him firmly in the friend zone.

The more you make allusions to what a good ‘friend’ he is, and how he consider him as close as a brother, the more he will get the point, and stop flirting.

9. Stop leading him on.

Sometimes, when you have nothing interesting going on in the guy department, it can be tempting to keep around a ‘surrogate boyfriend’ till you find someone better. But leading on a guy you are not interested in, will only hurt him, and come back to haunt you later.