Summon up the guts to ask out your crush, get their number, and make them fall for you, in nine easy steps!

1. Act disinterested at first. The thrill of the wooing is in the chase. If you are over-eager, your crush will lose interest.

2. Covertly spend more time with them. Without making it too obvious, spend as much time together as you can. Engage him/her in conversation, share interests and don’t let it get boring.

3. Bond over shared interests. A sneaky trick to get into their good books, is to talk about the things they like. Do not, however, be fake.

4. Be approachable and friendly. Radiate an aura of friendliness, so that your crush does not find it intimidating or awkward to talk to you, or seek you out. Be approachable.

5. Ask them if they’d like to do something fun together. A low-key way to ask someone out, without overwhelming them, is to suggest a fun activity that you can do together. Don’t make it sound like a date. You can also safely ask for their number here.

6. Flirt subtly, so they know you’re interested, but don’t over do it. If your crush is also interested in you, you will be able to tell by gauging their reaction to your flirting.

7. If your crush flirts with you too, the time is ripe to ask for their number. Casually mention that you would like to get in touch, and ask if you may have their number.

8. Make them laugh. A good sense of humor is often the way to a person’s heart.

9. Don’t try to fake anything in the quest to get your crush’s number. Everyone like genuineness in people, and fake people can be spotted a mile off.