Smartphones have become an integral part of our life. We can’t imagine a single day without them, which means we want them to be running at their efficient best all through the day. While there has been a lot of innovation in the software that goes into a smartphone, the hardware hasn’t caught up with the same pace, especially in the area of power storage a.k.a. your battery. There is no point in having hundreds of apps if your phone runs out of juice when you need it the most. We may see better batteries in the future, but for now, there are a few simple things you can do to make sure your smartphone battery lasts longer. Follow these ten easy hacks to save your battery and get the most out of your phone.


1. Turn Off the vibrator mode

When you are in a theater or in a meeting, vibrations are the perfect option to get notified with minimum disturbance. But the fact remains that they consume more power than ringtones. Compared to the vibrations of your phone speakers, the vibrator needs much more energy to be able to shake your entire phone. The same applies for using vibration for tactile feedback. So make sure you disable vibrations when you don’t need them.


2. Control Your Screen Brightness

This one is a no-brainer. Apart from when you’re actually using your phone, your phone screen lights up every time you get a message or a notification. Keeping it lit at high intensity means your phone is consuming power even when you’re not using it. To avoid this, keep the screen brightness on auto mode or increase the brightness only when you need it.



3. Reduce the Screen Timeout time

Screen timeout decides how long your phone screen stays lit after you’ve finished interacting with it. Often, we don’t push the lock button and slip the phone back in the pocket while the screen is still lit. But by setting the screen timeout to a shorter time, you can save on unused screen time.


4. Switch Off when not in Use

If you know you aren’t going to use your phone for an extended period of time, like when you’re in a long meeting or sleeping, make it a habit to turn your phone off. Though switching your phone on consumes more battery than just unlocking it, you can save more power by turning it off than putting it on sleep or inactive mode.


5. Know your Battery Better

Smartphones mostly have two kinds of batteries: Lithium ion (Li-Ion) and Nickel-based batteries. Nickel-based batteries come in two variants: Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Nickel-Cadmium (NiCd). Lithim-Ion batteries have the longest life cycle but need to be charged often to maintain their capacity. Nickel-based batteries have a lower life cycle and it’s best to charge them fully only when the power is almost out. Knowing the type of battery your phone has and charging it accordingly can help your battery last longer and perform better.



6. Shut Unnecessary Apps

We tend to open several apps and don’t bother to shut them after use. The multi-tasking ability of smartphones helps us be on top of things but not closing apps that are not in use can drastically affect battery charge. They suck the juice out of your battery even when you are not using them. So kill the apps that you don’t need and see how your phones last easily through the day.


7. Disable GPS

Apps that use GPS usually use up more battery than others. Your smartphone’s GPS unit allows sending and receiving signals to and from satellites to determine your location. This signal exchange may be happening even when the app is not in use but running in the background. So make sure you close these apps after use. You could also disable GPS as many who have privacy concerns do.


8. Turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G When Not in Use

Energy is consumed every time your smartphone searches for a signal, be it Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G. If the reception is poor, your phone is programmed to scan for a signal at regular intervals. Repeated scans will surely bring the charge on your phone down. Make it a point to turn off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when there is no need to be connected.


9. Minimize Notifications


Our phone is full of apps and these apps keep sending us notifications all day. Be it the latest news, emails, game scores or offers, every notification sucks power from your battery. By disabling notifications that are not important, you will not only save power but also save yourself from being annoyed ever few minutes.

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