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“Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions.”

Dalai Lama

Your happiness is in your own hands. Your daily actions play a significant role in determining how happy you are. Here are nine small things that will make you happier on a daily basis:

1. Let music do its magic.

Good music has the power to change your mood and make you happier. Whenever you feel low, plug in your favorite songs and see that sadness vanish. Make time for music, whenever you can.

2. Eat Healthy.

Eating right is necessary to stay healthy, and good health is the key to happiness. Watch what you eat. Avoid unhealthy snacks and replace them with healthier options instead.

how to be happy everyday
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3. Surround yourself with positive people.

Don’t let negativity creep into your life by being around pessimists. Surround yourself with positive people. It’ll have a positive impact on your mood.

4. Help someone.

Small acts of kindness can make you jubilant. What you feel after helping someone is the most satisfying feeling in the world. Try to experience that on a daily basis by helping, at least, one person every day.

5. Try staying close to nature.

Nature and greenery make you happier. Although it may not be possible to live exactly in the lap of nature, try being the closest possible to nature by keeping some plants around your house and workplace.


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6. De-clutter your surroundings.

Clutter represents trapped negative energy that can make you sadder than you can imagine. Try keeping it as far as possible. Regularly organize your room and work desk. It will make you more productive and focused.

7. Learn to say no.

If you can’t do something, accept it. In our attempts to be in everyone’s good books, we often tend to take up tasks that are way out of our comfort zones. The failure at completing these tasks makes us sad. So it’s better to say no than being sad.

8. Call someone you love.

If you don’t have your loved ones around, be in touch by calling them regularly. A conversation with a loved one is far more powerful than you think. It can lift your mood and make you happier. It makes you forget all your worries and re-live happy times with them.

9. Forgive and forget.

If you want to stay happy, stop clinging on to the past. Forgive people and move on. Holding grudges will only make you sadder. Let go and see how it magically changes your mood. Forget the past and live in the present instead.