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We all wish to be tougher, stronger, happier, and just a better person overall in life. But we don’t quite know the right way to becoming any of these things. If you find yourself in that boat, don’t fret, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 9 simple habits that if you followed would give you lots of strength and happiness, and a lot more.

1. Wake up early.

“Early to bed and early to rise makes a person healthy, wealthy, and wise.” No two ways about it. When you wake up early, you find plenty of time in the mornings to calm your mind, work out your body, and plan for the rest of the day.

2. Adapt to changes.

The only constant in life is change, as it’s often said. You can’t prevent change in any way; it’s the natural order of things in our world. So the way to be stronger and happier is to be above the effects of change by adapting to it effectively.

3. Take responsibility.

One can blame the weather, traffic, family, cab drivers, and a whole host of things for why you’re in the situation you find yourself in at the moment. But take responsibility (it’s different from blame) and take back your power to change things.

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4. Lead by example.

No matter how much you preach, only your actions will have the final say in any matter. For this reason, lead by example. It speaks way louder than words, and helps you make a difference to the lives of anyone who comes in contact with you.

5. Forgive people easily.

Forgiveness has many benefits. Most important perhaps is the benefit of a long life, which becomes available as a result of reduced stress and anxiety, and more power and freedom to live life on your terms — all of which comes from forgiveness.

6. Exercise every day.

Working out daily requires discipline and persistence. So once you’re able to accomplish it, all the other areas in your life open up and experience growth. You also sleep better every night, which is crucial for strength and happiness.

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7. Help others regularly.

Think of a time that you genuinely helped someone without expecting anything in return. How did you feel? You can feel that kind of happiness all the time by helping out more regularly. Also, you become a much better person doing it over time.

8. Leave your comfort zone.

You can stay in your comfort zone, and say and do things that you know are safe, or get outside your comfort zone and challenge yourself to grow and become a tougher, stronger, and better person. It’ll give you great satisfaction too.

9. Tell yourself an empowering story.

We all tell ourselves stories, and we believe in them like they’re the truth. These stories influence how we think about ourselves, others, and our lives. For that reason, make up empowering stories that help you lead a better life than telling yourself stories that demotivate you.