Image Source: Azeri

Relationships are about love, and love is all about keeping your promises. Don’t make promises you can’t keep, and keep the ones you make.

1. Promise to be there for them, always.

Love means never having to say sorry. It means accepting your partner the way they are and always supporting them, no matter what.

2. To forgive and forget, whenever you can.

Fights happen. Even in the best of relationships. But if you decide to make up and forgive each other quickly, none of those fights will last long enough to damage the relationship.

3. To be open and share your feelings.

Good communication is very important in a relationship. You need to promise your significant other that you will always share what you feel and keep lines of communication open.

4. Promise to never judge each other.

You can only open up to each other completely, if you know you will be accepted and loved. Being judgmental in a relationship will only make your partner clam up and stop sharing.

5. Promise to express your appreciation for each other.

All too often, we love, but forget to express. Our love may know no bounds, but without expression, it doesn’t find an outlet for release. Keep telling your partner how much you love them.

6. Promise to listen to your partner.

A lack of attention is a common complaint in many relationships. You are with your partner because you love them; don’t ignore them. Be a good listener.

7. Promise to let each other be.

We often fall into the trap of trying to change our partners. A little bit here, a minor flaw there. But we fell in love with the person they are, and to change even a tiny part of that, is to change them.

8. To be with each other through thick and thin.

Relationships aren’t always easy. There are good times and bad ones, but sticking by your partner is what makes a good relationship.

9. Promise to try and keep things exciting.

The spark in a relationship gets lost, all too often. Promise to keep it alive and smoldering, always!