Image Source: Thought Catalog

Women can have a lot of insecurities. Having always been treated as the weaker, inferior, fairer sex, and being brought up to be quiet, submissive, sacrificing, can take it’s toll. Here are some insecurities every woman has, but she won’t ever tell you.

1. Perceived attractiveness.

Culturally, women have always been expected to be presentable, well groomed and attractive at all times. The worth of a woman is often determined by her attractiveness. That being said, it is no wonder women are insecure about how they look.

2. Age and youth.

Losing one’s youth is akin to losing beauty and desirability. Aging is one of the biggest fears in a woman’s life. But they won’t ever admit it!

3. Desirability.

Every women needs to be desirable, to her man and to others. In a world where self worth is determined by attractiveness, losing desirability means losing your partner to a younger, prettier competitor.

4. Insecurities about being used.

Women often wonder if they’re being used. For sex, for companionship, or financially. It is their nurturing and gullible ways that make them easy prey to guys looking to take them for a ride. Every guy needs to reassure his woman, that he really loves her, and isn’t just using her for sex.

5. Whether she is a good enough mother/daughter/wife.

Women are required to do it all, and have it all. Anything short of a superwoman who juggles career, home and kids successfully isn’t considered worthwhile by society. Women struggle to do it all.

6. Career.

One’s career is an important element of a woman’s worth today. She has to be successful, ambitious and have a stable job in order to be taken seriously in any sphere.

7. Being good enough.

So many women, despite being talented and hard working, worry if they’re good enough or should be doing more. It is society that pits women against each other, and makes everything, from child rearing to cooking, a competition.

8. Insecurity about being taken seriously at work.

Women can often be made to feel inferior, particularly in work settings. They are often delegated secretarial work like making coffee, filing papers etc, and proving oneself can be hard.

9. Money.

Another insecurity women always have to face is whether they’re making enough, or some in cases, little enough. It can be hard on women, what with some men not being able to handle women who earn more than them, and some disregarding those who earn much less than them.