Image Source: Thought Catalog

Catching the attention of someone who plays hard to get, can be tough. You never know what they’re thinking, and are always on edge.

1. Play even harder to get, yourself.

Those who play hard to get, can only be defeated by playing them at their own game! The more you chase them, the faster they’ll run! Let them chase you instead.

2. Don’t pay them any attention.

Act cool and disdainful, like you don’t care they exist. They’ll be on to you like a shot!

3. Surround yourself with friends.

The more popular you seem, and the less you need them, the more interested they will be. Project an air of being so engrossed in other people that you don’t see this one. That’ll get their attention.

4. Look hot!

Pay attention to what you’re wearing, do your makeup a little differently, look nicer than you usually do. If you look a little different, they’ll find it hard not to notice.

5. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

People can see through that in a jiffy. The only thing that’ll get their attention is you being your usual self, not someone else.

6. Get closer to their friends.

Make friends with all their friends, but not them. Talk to them, laugh at their jokes, make plans with them. Your intended target definitely get jealous.

7. Use classic body language techniques to get their attention.

Play with your hair, cross your legs, stroke your neck-use all the tricks in the arsenal to get their attention. If you’re a guy, making your voice lower and deeper helps.

8. Be cool.

Don’t seem too excited when they talk to you. Don’t go out of your way to accommodate them. Play it cool, and watch them fall hard for you!