Happy couples who seem to never fight and love each other to bits, seem like a myth, don’t they? But they do exist, and here’s how you can steal some of their tips to make your relationship happier.

1. They attack their problems, not each other.

Happy couples never get personal while fighting. They focus on the problem, not on each other’s faults. They don’t find fault with each other; rather they attempt to find a solution together.

2. They both take responsibility.

When there’s a fight, it is both partners’ fault. The degree may vary, but happy couples choose to take the blame equally, rather than argue over who was wrong and who was right.

3. They let each other save face.

When one partner realizes his mistake and owns up, the other partner does not gloat or say, “I told you so.” If your partner can be humble enough to apologize, you have a duty to graciously accept the apology too. Without pointing out further flaws.

4. They know that disagreements happen, and they take it in their stride.

Knowing that arguments and disagreements are inevitable, and don’t have to spell the end of a relationship, goes a long way in keeping a relationship strong.

5. They don’t argue; they discuss.

It is possible to have a calm, non-confrontational discussion about an issue, without fighting, and still find a solution to it. Happy couples don’t turn every discussion into an argument, and every argument into a fight.

6. They don’t bring up past misdeeds.

Constantly reminding a partner of past misdeeds and harping on them during every fight can spell doom for a relationship. Stick to the issue at hand, and if you still have unresolved anger issues over something that happened in the past, don’t involve it in every fight.

7. They don’t fight nasty.

They address the problem, and try to find a solution to it, rather than making nasty comments about each other and hitting below the belt.

8. They are willing to make sacrifices for each other.

Love is all about sacrifice. Love doesn’t come easy. Happy couple know and realize this, but they love each other so much, they don’t mind making sacrifices to see the other happy.

Love shouldn’t be a maze that you have to negotiate to be happy. Just follow a few simple rules of fighting fair, and make sure that fights or disagreements never get in the way of your love.