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Looking to win over the guy/girl of your dreams, but not sure how to go about it? Want to play hard to get, but afraid you’ll mess up? Here’s an easy-peasy guide for you!

1. Flirt a little and then back off.

This is how it works. Flirt. Reel them in. And when he’s/she’s hooked, act disinterested. It is a proven technique with sure fire results. You have to act disinterested but only after you pique the intended person’s interest.

2. Be seen everywhere.

The trick to acting aloof and playing hard to get, is that while you say you’re unavailable, you project an aura of always being around. You have to constantly be seen by the guy or girl, to stay in their thoughts.

3. Don’t over share.

Be mysterious. Tell him or her only what they need to know. Oversharing on social media or in person, takes away one’s intrigue and makes one boring.

4. Be as independent as you can.

If you want to play hard to get, you can’t be dependent on others. You have to be as self sufficient and independent as you possible can.

5. Make yourself a priority.

People tend to take you at face value. So if you consider yourself the first priority and put your own interests first, so will everyone else.

6. Don’t ever wait for him/her to call.

Your dates should be at your behest, not his or hers. Go out when you feel like it, and not necessarily when they want to. Don’t be available or change your plans for them.

7. Be a man or woman of your word.

Just because you are playing hard to get, doesn’t mean you should mess around with other people’s plans by changing your mind at the last minute. You have every right to not be available at a moment’s notice, but once you have made plans with someone, don’t arbitrarily change them. That’s not called playing hard to get, it’s called being a bitch!

8. Screw rules.

Listen to your heart. Even if it goes against all the people telling you to hold out, and play hard to get. If plunging in with abandon is what your heart wants to do, do it. Don’t play hard to get if you don’t want to.