Image Source: Eski

Words aren’t always needed; we can often make our feelings clear without saying anything. Here are the things you may be conveying to others, before you even open your mouth.

1. “I hate you.”

Hate and love are hard to hide. When you nurse a grudge or resentment against someone, they can see it in your face and actions, without having to say a word.

2. “I can’t be trusted”.

Some people just give of vibes of reliability and trustworthiness. Some don’t. You could unintentionally be harming your prospects by giving off an untrustworthy vibe.

3. “Welcome”.

Your expressions, facial cues and body language make it abundantly clear as to whether you are welcoming of a person or not. Uncrossed arms and legs, palms facing upwards and openness in posture are all welcoming signs.

4. “We have something in common”.

When you form a bond with someone over shared interests, or a similar bent of mind, no words are necessary. You can feel the connection.

5. “I’m lying”.

It is very hard to deceive someone while lying, unless you are well practiced in body language. Liars can be distinguished by their nervousness, refusal to make eye contact, and jerky movements.

6. “This is boring”.

It’s hard to disguise boredom, and keep a yawn from escaping you. Posture is a good indicator of boredom. When someone is slumped over and seems vacant, they are clearly bored. Alert eyes, and an upright posture are indicative of interest in what the other person is saying.

7. “I kind of like you.”

When you genuinely like someone, it cannot be hidden. Your eagerness to see them, nervousness around them, and preoccupation give you away.

8. “I run this show.”

There are very subtle ways you can dominate the show without having to say a word. Legs wide apart, hands on hips, and a strong, commanding tone, are all indicators of being in control.