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1. You find more time to do things that matter to you. Before this, you couldn’t say no to others and ultimately ended up servicing others’ requests, leaving little time for what you really want to do.

2. You experience greater control over your life. Once you stop feeling the pressure to be nice, you start spending your days the way you want to, without having to please anyone else.

3. You start achieving your goals with greater ease. When working in teams, being nice can often come in the way of doing the right thing; you tend to keep quiet or be polite instead of be honest. That ceases to be the case.

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4. You start being respected (and sometimes feared). When you’re compulsively nice, people take you for granted. They think they can get away with doing things around you. But once you firm up, they respect you (and some fear you).

5. You start achieving more professional success, as bosses tend to pick people with the ability to forget being nice and make tough decisions for quicker promotions.

6. You lose some of your friends, but that’s for your good. These people stuck around you only because you didn’t threaten their identities. Now since you do threaten them (they perceive it as a threat), they leave, and that’s good.

Image Source: The Huffington Post

7. Your advice is sought more by other people. Even though people don’t like being hurt, they tend to prefer hearing the truth. Which someone like you, who doesn’t mind being harsh, can give them.

8. You start living life the way you like to. Because you stop caring about being labeled selfish; only people who can’t take advantage of you resort to labeling you this way. The right people will accept you or show you the right way.